Friday, June 09, 2006

Boys Make Me Stupid

**for the record I tried to post this 3 times yesterday but blogger was down.

The other day while at the park contorting myself into odd positions to bring you the joys of my new socks someone pulled in and parked near where I was. It is not unusual for people to come on their lunch hour and hang out in the car so I paid it no mind. After I’d captured some shots which I thought would be good I went back to my car to knit, if it had been nice I’d have got out my beach chair but it was starting to rain- completely irrelevant – anyway I put on my current book and started working on the new sock (we’ll talk about that later). While I’m doin my thing I noticed the guy that had parked next to me checkin me out. This didn’t really faze me as I’m sitting in the car with my feet on the dash, wearing headphones and playing with a bunch of pointy sticks – I figured he was trying to figure out what the hell I was up to. Well my hour goes by super fast and I take out my headphones and start to put up my knitting and the guy next me gets out of his car to come talk to me.

Him: “Excuse me…are you married?” (*note he does not say hello or ask after my well being)

Me: “Ummm…no” (shit wear are the dam car keys - would it be impolite to just gun it out of here?)

Him: “Are you seeing anyone?” (*am I supposed to be impressed by his concern for my could be boyfriend)

Me: “Ummm…no” (crap I can’t reach the pedals – forgot to move the seat – stop giggling at the man he is probably a homicidal stalker)

Him: Well can I give you my number

Me: *looking at him with a slightly dumb expression completely incomprehensive – dude you don’t even know my name

Him: “I’m gonna give you my number so YOU can call ME” (like this makes it so much better) “do you have a pen?”

Me: *giggling like I’m twelve “Ummm” what I really wanted to say – “the likelihood of me calling you is slim to none so why bother with the pretense” what I actually say - “yea, I guess, I’ve got a pen right here.”

I am a moron! I have no desire what so ever to talk to this man again. As a matter of fact I’ll be spending tomorrow’s lunch hour trying to find a different park to frequent (I’m very upset about this as this park was perfect – water, nice breeze, not to many people, and only three blocks from my job.) Don’t get me wrong I’m sure this man is probably very nice. He’d probably be just perfect – for someone about 20 years my senior.

Why I didn’t just shoot him down is beyond me. For whatever reason when guys start to talk to me in an “I’m interested in you” type of manner – I revert to this ridiculous giggling teenager – “OMG he’s talking to me – what do I do?!” I am so not like that! I don’t even know who that person is – maybe I’ve got a split personality. I would totally get it if they guy was way hot, independently wealthy, and driving a super hot muscle car but noooooo I go all goofy for any guy that expresses interest. Guess that goes to show you how few & far between that is. Still it’s no excuse – how is it I let my personality fly out the window at the mere prospect of male interest?? I’m not by any stretch of the imagination lonely, desperate, or in need of a man. So why is it that I flake out and do this weird flirty thing with men I don’t want, need, or have any interest in whatsoever?? Anyone wanna take a stab at this one? I’d love to know what this personality defect is all about.

Tomorrow - SP goodies!!

Funny and weird and bring your goodies to WWKIP day!
wow, talk about rico suave!
it's nice to be adored. some men have no problem going up to women, and others have to muster a lot of courage to say something without fumbling over the words.
it's kind of creepy in an "i-dont-like-talking-to-strangers" kind of way, but really, chalk it up as an ego-booster. i think you were probably caught off guard and left wondering whether or not you should be creeped out or flattered.

glad you got the package! :)
have a great weekend, Jody!
Your SP
Kinda creepy!!! No major creepy! who the heck uses that as a pick up line? ummm and you actually talked to him... Shame on you! It's called no hablo english!!! Or however you spell it, i failed spanish in high school, but you get the point...
That was an odd encounter. And I probably would have responded in the same way back in my single days. For me, it was a combination of somewhat low self-esteem (why would anyone be interested in me?), as well as not knowing how to turn down the guy without hurting his feelings.

I hope you find another park. Maybe you can go back to your favorite park in a month or so.
What a creep! I mean, who just parks next to some woman and asks her questions like that without so much as a "hello, how are you, nice day it is, what's your sign," whatever. I probably would have giggled and made up a name and number for myself and then got the hell out of there. Where do you find these creeps??? Only you, Jody, only you.
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