Saturday, June 10, 2006


I got a package from my secret pal! She's from Hawaii!! So she sent me some local candies - the Pocky is really good (I ate dam near the whole box) it's kinda like a chocolate cover pretzel...but not. Haven't tried the rice cracker thingies yet and the watermelon sours are...interesting - I'm still trying to decide if I like them. I think yes but I'm not sure yet, I should know by the end of the bag. ;)

She also sent me some beautiful hand panted lace weight. This is the reason these exchanges are the coolest! I never would have bought this (I'm a solid colors lace weight kind of person) but now that I have it...I can't WAIT to knit something with it!!! I spent a lot of time at work yesterday surfing the net for a good pattern. What about maybe this one or something similar. I was thinking the lace is simple enough not to compete with the colors in the yarn. What do you think?

You should be thankful for crappy rechargeable batteries otherwise there may have been some incredibly STUPID pictures of me hopping around my kitchen doing the happy dance when I opened this one.
I got the Harlot's new book! Yea!! For whatever reason this book has been eluding me - either I go to buy it and it's not there or it's there and I've got no money or there was another book on the agenda that day & wool forbid I buy two books at a time (remind me someday to show you my book collection). At any rate I was doing a very goofy happy dance when I got this one! I also got those cute ass picture frames which are already on my fridge with pics of Alexis in them (I found out this morning that was exactly what she intended them for - how freakin cool is that?!) She also send me a cool ass box of gel pens which works out great cuz the ones I have are just about dead.

You did good SP THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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