Sunday, May 21, 2006

To Dye For

ETA: Click Photo for More Pics

As all of you may or may not know my mother tends to be my favorite partner in crime for most of my knitting exploits. As such I've asked her to fill you in on our latest adventure. We had a few people over for a little science experiment. . .

I do believe our first dyeing party was a success. Although we were all anxious to get to the dyeing part as evidenced by T bringing her dye already mixed in Mason jars. We had a slight delay in the process; however, as some of us had last minute design changes and decided we wanted to try making striping yarn. So thanks to the genius of the group we devised a plan - 2 chairs, a swift and lots of helping hands we began “Yanking the Yarn” (not a true knitters term – but we like to use it) And wow it turns out we had a LOT of yarn. But finally we were ready – or so we thought! It turns out none of us had a true clue what we were doing but we enjoyed the process. We gave Kool Aid dying a shot – great outcome but some thought the colors were more fluorescent than what they were looking for so they went with a “professional” dye – sorry, don’t remember the name but the colors were awesome. We even tried Easter Egg colors which turned out beautiful, crisp dare I say “Easter” colors. AND my favorite was the Wiltan’s cake decorating colors. This was a last minute, “Hey have you ever tried food coloring? And “No but I heard Wiltan’s cake colors work.” And “Oh, my god, I have tons of them. Let me get them out of the pantry.” Who knew standing on your feet for 5 hours over pots of colored water with yarn doing extraordinary, and highly unpredictable things could bring such joy! I mean we all were hopeful. But when it was your turn at the sink and it was your yarn getting its final bath and you got to finally see the results of your labor, Well I got to tell you there was a lot of squeals of “I just love it!” going on. So Yes, I do believe it was a success and we will most definitely be doing this again.

So.. do we get to see the colors, or what?!!! Your excitement in the post made me excited to see all the beautiful newly dyed yarns!

A few of us girls in TX did the same thing, but we stuck to the KoolAid dyes. And there were some fantastic colors achieved! Hmmm, perhaps we'll get pictures up too.
yeah, so where's the pictures!? inquiring bloggers wanna see!

secret pal
Your yarn is yummy. I looked at all your photos and I just love the colors of all the different sheins. For a first time dying, you would never know it!
Oh dear...don't tempt me with yet another hobby. I'm hearing too many good things about dyeing your own yarn, especially how easy it is. Must...resist...temptation... But seriously, the finished yarn is gorgeous!
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