Tuesday, May 09, 2006


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Did I happen to mention what my plans for this weekend were? I didn’t think so. So… guess what I did this weekend. You’re so smart I knew you’d guess! Your right! I went to MDS&W! Let me just tell you I am still (2 days later) in fiber overload. It was a beautiful day (I only went on Saturday – my wallet couldn’t handle two days) Mom & I thourouly enjoyed ourselves. Saw some interesting stuff.

I bought way too much sock yarn (scratch that there is no such thing). I scored both the brands I’ve been dying to try (socks that rock & Lorna’s laces) plus some other stuff from Spirit Trail Fiberworks that feels amazing & is dyed so fab that I couldn’t resist & bought 2 pairs worth (would’ve been more but I was trying to stop myself). So I’m happy – that’s all I really wanted was fancy sock yarn – I also got a set of Brittany Birch DPN’s so I can work on more than one pair at a time.

The coolest thing about the MDS&W….the blogger meet up! It was unreal how many of us were there! I totally didn’t expect the huge crew that was there I was in awe and I felt very small & unknown - after all why would you know me? I’m a lurker nobody knows me – so that’s going to change. I can’t expect to make blog buddies if I don’t reach out right? So work be dammed I’ll be attempting to comment more often. Anyway I met so many people – I tried to get the blog addresses of all the people I talked to – I’m sure I’ll miss a few but here goes.

I met this trio that came all the way from Dallas! Skittermagoo, Good Girl Purl, & Nanc. How cool is that they came all the way from Dallas! They brought pins & business cards with their blog info, and had matching T-shirts. I met Cara – I am such a DORK she probably thinks I’m somekind of weird knit stalker. I was completely unable to form a coherent sentence and I think I may have drooled on her Diamond Fantasy Shawl. Hell I don’t even know if I told her my name – it’s all so blurry I just remember my brain doing some kind of chant ohmygodit’scaraeshe’sfamousandshe’stalkingtomedon’tscrewup. Which of course I’m sure I did – sorry if I scared you Cara – I’m usually much more normal. I met Heather who is WAY cool & had fancy shirts made up for her crew. I met my name buddy Jodi and we had the obligatory discussion about spelling your name with an “I” or a “Y” (every Jodi I have ever met has this conversation with me – I often wonder if it’s me or a Jody thing – I’m praying I’m not really that lame and it’s a Jodie thing). I also met Jane , Elsbeth and Teri (whose blog name I screwed up & now I can't find). I’m going to go be a good blogger now & go say hello in all their comments.

Are you sure you're really more normal? ;o)
I'm sorry I missed the meetup, but I got there late. And then I was overwhelmed by all the yarn and people. I'll have to plan better for next year.
Don't worry, I have a feeling we all lurk. I liked the Flicker slideshow of MDSW, all the stash looks so good.
Great yarn picks! I've heard nothing but good things about Lorna's Laces and Socks That Rock. It probably about time that I tried them. It was nice to meet you on the Blogger's Knoll, and like you, it's probably time I de-lurk. Have a great weekend!
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