Saturday, May 13, 2006

Little Knitters

Any of you that have been with me for a while might have noticed that I get a true kick out of making new knitters. I taught both Tisha & Gretchen and I've taught a few random people at SnB. I just get such a warm fuzzy from every stitch they complete. Well let me tell you - I've found a new kind of high with my latest adventure.

A few weeks ago my mother got suckered into volunteering to teach a group of kids to knit. She in turn has suckered me. So for the past few weeks we've been heading over the the Salvation Army's after school program for lessons. The first few weeks were hell - weeding out the troublemakers who had no interest in knitting and teaching 10 kids to knit at the same time. Not easy - every child needed help and with only two sets of hands it was a very trying experience. At the end of the first class we both left exhausted and echoing our students "it's too hard - I can't do it."

This week however things were different. This week I finally had a class of just the kids that were really knitting. It was amazing - for the first time I was really able to take a breath and see that holy cow they're really knitting! Their hands are so small and their faces so intent on what they're doing. Talk about a warm fuzzy! I'm making little itty bitty knitters! It's got to be the coolest thing I've ever done. I'm kinda glad I got suckered.

The bunnies are to be their first project. The whole thing is sewn together from one square. I have it on good authority that regardless of the square's shape it will still make a cute bunny.

And just so you guys know I'm doin something besides making little stuffed bunnies. I present the Maryland sock. So far in it's short little life this sock has been to MD twice and will probably go again next weekend. Last night it went to G's piano recital. If you can manage it you should totally take your socks to a piano recital. It is incredibly soothing to knit to someone playing the piano. An experience I would repeat again in a heartbeat! Oh -and guess what??

It's a cutie!
I wish I could have taken knitting to my recital too, but I don't think the parents of my students would have liked that too much! :-)

Hi there! I saw Tisha this weekend and she had mentioned to me that you and your mom were teaching some kids to knit. I have a bag full of yarn that would be great for them to practice with. I sure don't need it, so I'd like to donate it to you and your mom for the kids to use. I will bring it with me next week if you would like it. See ya!
Oh, by the way, if Tisha hasn't already told you, I brought over 4 skeins of my yummy jojo land yarn. 2 for her and 2 for you. =)
No chris i haven't told her, she wasn't answering her phone this weekand! Anyway hi jo.... i have some yarn for u. Those bunnies look so cute! Is that sock yarn striping by it self??? Oh and the sock bags for u know who are done.
Itty bitty knitters! How wonderful! Imagine the headstart they'll get with stash building! I love the do you make a bunny out of a square? (I'm rather geometrically challenged).
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