Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lazy Bones

FYI: If you asked me about more pictures of our dying party (and you already clicked the kool-aid photo to get to my flikr account). Trek, Tisha, and Chris have posted some really nice ones.

So I'm work yesterday and I'm doing my thing - and I sit down at my desk and I hear the worst sound EVER!! "rrrrrriiiiiippppp" Holy crap - do I need to go home and change??!! Damage assessment revealed the liner of the skirt I have on has split a seam. Whew - major crisis averted, sort of. I'm annoyed - I love this skirt, it's one of the few expensive things I own and has a really nice jacket that goes with it. It can be repaired but why do they make the skirts out of stretchy fabric blends and then put non-stretchy liners in them??

I'm also upset because apparently I am gaining weight. I don't own a scale (I'm way too neurotic, I'd be insane inside a week) so I rely on the fit of my clothes to warn me when I start creeping up. I guess I missed the first few warning blips cuz I just got hit with the air-raid siren of warning signals.

I'm usually a very active person however I've really been slacking off the past few weeks. Earlier this year I signed up to do a 5K and I made myself a deal that if I ran it (this was my first 5k) in 40 minutes I could buy myself an iPod. I did it in 40 minutes and 12 seconds it was an incredible moment. Part of my deal to myself was I actually had to do the workouts - no cheating & just running the race and hoping for the best; I really had to commit. And I did. (I got a 4g Nano - it's really nice) I have not ran a step since this race. Pathetic.

I need motivation. I just can't get excited about working out and my eating habits have never been best so I depend on my activeness to maintain. Obviously that's not working at the moment. So I joined the Trek Along. Maybe commiting to a couple of hikes will re-motivate me - G has already agreed to come along and be my "official" photographer (she won't even entertain the idea of knitting a sock). Any other helpful ideas to get me moving??? What motivates you???

Just getting the chance to be in the warm air and sunshine motivates me. I hate cold and snow, so this time of year is the best. Find another 5K and sign up!
I'd love to help you, but your the one who motivates me...
I love to dance and it burns off calories too. A great way to get your exercise and have some fun.
Getting motivated can be so hard. I usually rely on the way I'm going to look if I work out regularly. Find a friend and make an appointment to regularly take a walk or go for a run, or even hit the gym and lift weights. Exercise is a lot more fun with a friend and if you have an appointment, you won't be letting your friend (or you) down.

And something that I found that really works for losing weight is to cut back on what you eat, even if you are eating "bad." So make that little bag of chips you eat at lunch (I'm guilty as charged!) last at least two lunches. Afer a week or so, you won't want to eat a whole bag.
i keep a workout journal. i like being able to see my progress and look back at what i was doing months ago compared to what i am currently capable of doing. something that was difficult before became easy, and something i'm currently struggling with will eventually become a stepping stone to a greater challenge.

you may sometimes think it a tedious task, but it's really nice to have and look back on later.

you can do it!
your SP
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