Monday, April 24, 2006

Yankin' the Yarn

Today I corrupted a friend and possibly my SnB group. I'm not actually sure who corrupted who but there was definitely corruption happening. A lot of it.

I found out recently that a friend of mine could knit and crochet but hadn't done either in years. So Gretchen, Tisha, and I immediately coerced her into buying yarn & new needles and getting her started again (this was of course after a small "test" to prove that she wasn't pulling our chain.) So tonight Megan joined us at SnB for the first time... let's just say that she is a wonderful addition to our group and I fear that Borders may soon throw us out.

Megan (who has yet to learn about real fibers) bought a pound of some awful acrylic (yes we've counseled her and she'll do better next time). While working her blanket the yarn got into a huge snarl and it was decided to help Meg out by winding up the remaining yarn into nice center pull balls to avoid future issues. How many people does it take to wind a ball of yarn? One? Two? Try FOUR - Tisha, D, my mother, and Megan all attempting to get this yarn onto the ball winder! They were pulling the yarn from the outside of the skein & attempting to move at something above a snail's pace. Never have I seen such obscenity! The language, the gestures, the commentary from the peanut gallery (that would be Gretchen, Trek, and myself - who were smart enough not to get involved). I don't know who started it but the entire process became a giant euphemism for... well check out the title of the post - you'll get the idea. Who knew knitter's had such dirty minds! What a laugh riot - you really had to be there.

And now let me distract you from the total lack of knitting content in this post by showing you what I did this weekend. Dad and I installed a hardwood floor in the spare bedroom. After a few hours of the back-breaking, leg-muscle numbing, pain in the ass work all I could think about was a hot bath and then bed. Therefore - no knitting. But it looks absolutely fabulous and it's one less room on the list. We're slowly but surely replacing all the carpets in the house (2 rooms left - the two biggest rooms but who's counting.)

Who needs softball on monday nights when I can be yankin yarn with you people????
The floor is awesome! You are one multi-talented, rugby playing, floor laying, sock knitting lady - but you haven't had fun til you've yanked some yarn. LOL
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