Thursday, April 20, 2006

She makes stuff too!

It's funny how sometimes I feel like I don't have anything to blog about... and then all of a sudden I'm thinking of all the things I've forgotten to tell you about...and then have too much. So I'd like to thank my Secret Pal Cyndia who sent me Knitting Over the Edge & the Vouge Knitting Stichonary weeks ago and I completely forgot to blog about it (I can be such a spaz). Thank-you very much these were books I was dying to have but I tend to spend "book money" on fiction.

Several months ago I ordered a pound of dye your own sock yarn and some dye your own lace weight. It FIANLLY came last week. I'd show you pictures - but it's boring white yarn, not interesting at all. What I'll show you pictures of instead is... the niddy-noddy I made out of PVC pipe to wrap up my new yarn. Isn't it cool?! And the wrench looking thing is this cool ass gizmo my dad (the king of owning all tools) had to cut the PVC. This thing sliced through that pipe like a knife through butter! Way neat - I put my niddy noddy together no muss no fuss in like 15 miuntes. Now to do math (yuck) and figure out how many wraps to make a pair of socks. As much as math is not my friend (the MS3 has taught me painfully that I can not even count to 10 without screwing up) I'm sure it will be less painfull then guessing.

And last (for today) but not least - I finished Mom's Easter socks. I hear a lot of knitters complain about pooling and flashing but I like the way these did their thing. It makes them interesting to look at. And who cares that they don't even match a little bit and that I screwed the pattern up so many times I think I could actually say they are sort of my own design. I like them a lot and will most likely head out to LYS to get more of this yarn to make myself a pair at somepoint in the future. But since sock season is just about over I'm in no rush.

Damm that thing looks kewl!!! ummm but what do you mean sock season is almost over? i wear sox all yr long, don't you? Toe sox and flip flops rock...
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