Friday, April 28, 2006


Hey gang - I'm heading out to play in a Rugby tournament this weekend. Please say a prayer (or three) for me that I don't break anything that I'll need later for kinitting. Ankles and legs are ok as I'll get extra knitting time cuz I won't be able to go to work. Just kidding I'm hoping to come back the way I left. If your in the DC area you should stop by - how often do you get to see women's rugby? Look for me - I'll be the one in the maroon & navy jersey screaming "**I don't want the ball - don't give me the ball - keep that dam ball away from me!!"

**In rugby it's illegal to tackle someone who doesn't have possession of the ball.

Donate blood.
Play Rugby.

Oops, sorry, wrong gender.

You'll be just fine.
Bring home pictures
I still think ur crazy...
I'm sorry I didn't read this until Monday - I would have come to watch. I didn't know women played rugby. Hope you survived.
Did you break anything?
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