Sunday, April 02, 2006

New toys!

I got a new toy this week - a ball winder! So when Tisha came over today we just had to play with it.

So we're playing with my new toy and and we're talking and one of us brings up all the undyed yarn we've got and how we can't wait to try dying our own yarn. Well that leads us into why don't we try it out now?? So by some stroke of luck T has her undyed stuff in the car and I've got that kool-aid the secret pal sent so we run off to the kitchen to get started. The two of us were like mad scientist's brewing funky experiments. We took lots & lots of many that I didn't even bother trying to load them all into blogger - I made a flickr account so you can see some of the shots we took. Hopefully it works ok since I've got no real clue what I'm doing - I think I've set up a group that you can click the "set" and view all the shots - give me a shout if that doesn't work & I'll try again. Anyway I've now got three hanks of yarn hanging in my shower & I'm trying to decided - would really be that bad to knit with wet yarn?

If she ever gets around to posting you can look at her yarn here.

The flicker workes great... u put the boob pic in!!! and yes i will post tonight...
Aw! A beautiful yarn cake.
Bring the yarn tomorrow!
I'm very jealous of the new toy - I may need to go buy one for myself. :)
nice boob shot.
I *heart* my ball winder. It is the coolest gadget ever! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog ( I just started this thing and am having so much fun digging up old projects & stories about projects I'd forgotten about. I can't believe I missed out on this whole knit-blog-universe for so long!!!

Lazy Kate
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