Friday, April 07, 2006


I've finally gotten this sweater big enough to cover the boobbage. I like this sweater really I do...I really, really want to own it so I hope to finish it in my lifetime - optimistically I'd really like to wear it this summer. But damn this thing is BORING!!! I have to bribe myself to work on it. I just can't deal with miles and miles and miles of stockinette stitch. I don't know what I was thinking - I am not little this is a lot of sweater all I've got to say is thank GOD it doesn't have sleeves! I know I've griped about this before so I'm gonna get off it now.

Look what the Easter bunny brought me. After I beat her up and made her give it to me a week early. Mom picked this up for herself a few weeks ago. It's been calling me from her knitting basket ever since. Every time I see it I think "crud I should've gotten myself one too." I was with her when she got it but I had just dropped a small fortune on other knitting stuff all in the same week and talked myself out of an 9 dollar skein of sock yarn. Dumbass - I should've talked myself out of the 40 dollars of gas for my car instead. Walking would've been much less painful than hearing the pitiful cries of "knit me, knit me" from mom's knitting basket. Fortunately my mom ROCKS (although it may have had something to do with the puppy dog eyes and the sad mewing noises coming from both the yarn and I) and she gave me the yarn. Thanks Mom!

u could stop there on the sweater and have one of those belly shirts..."ouch"... don't smack so hard... no but it looks cute, and i think that yarn was calling ur name cuz it wants to come home with me...he he he...
Yeah, I think you should just bind off and leave it like that. You wouldn't make any worse a fashion statement than the crap that ends up on You Knit What. It would be Boobilicious!
Very cute and creative yarn in the flowers shot, by the way.
The Picovoli is looking good.

I can't believe you weaseled that nice yarn from your mom! Oh, wait, yes I can...
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