Sunday, April 16, 2006

Can I Get a Stripe?!

Happy Holiday all - hope yours was lovely. What a busy week it's been! For the past several years I've started off my Easter celebration by being a part of a play that my church puts on called the "Living Last Supper." I do my part by making ordinary men look like the apostles pictured in Da Vinci's painting. It's a lot of fun but whew I'm exhausted!

Spent some time with my niece Alexis - she got a bubble machine from the Easter Bunny. How cool is this thing!! Wish I had one - I want to bring it to every wedding I ever go to! You wouldn't believe the amount of bubbles this thing puts out! Way Fun!!

I also managed to find time to get a sock going. This is the sock yarn I got from mom for Easter. She's a lucky mommy cuz I'm giving this pair of socks to her as an Easter present.

Some day I'll have to learn the difference between striping yarn and marled yarn. I swore this stuff would stripe - I really thought it would. The last three yarns I've used that I thought would stripe didn't. That's part of the reason I keep giving socks away - I want a striped sock! You get your heart set on a stripe and then the yarn doesn't deliver - it's disappointing. Can't a girl catch a break!

It may not be striping, but I really like how it is looking. See you tomorrow night.
Yarn from the easter bunny?!! You're one lucky girl.
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