Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Knit Night ROCKS!

**Warning this post may be a little long and sappy.

Sometimes I question what I've done to deserve the wonderful people that are in my life. I really have no business counting these people as my friends they are too good to me & I am humbled by how well they treat me. I really am blessed with amazing friends.

Here's what happened at knit night - I get there and Trek is all gung ho to yell at me about something..."Jo your in trouble sit down!" (like I'm some kind of two year old about to get scolded) this freaks me out a little bit but I dutifully make my way to where she's got herself set up in the corner. So I'm doin the meet & greet thing making my way into the corner (haven't seen everybody in a week must say hello) and she's calls me again "Jo get over here!" I'm gettin I'm gettin... Anyway I make my way over there and she gives me some speil -"let me see your socks" I'm thinking crap she wants to see the socks my mom made me which I don't have on (I don't even think I've posted them here either....have I?) and I tell her "I don't actually have any socks on" then she's says "well that works out perfect" and hands me these...

She made me Jaywalkers! I almost cried (somewhere between the hollering & the squealing & the jumping up and down I think there could've been a few tears) I was so excited. I think I showed the entire Borders cafe my new socks. I can't believe she gave me socks! This is my first hand Knit gift not from my mom & it was socks! How freakin cool is that!!! (*for the record I have received hand crocheted stuff from Tisha which was equally cool - but not socks!!...sorry T)

After I calmed down a bit I sit down and attempt to get some knitting started (it's terribly hard to knit while your petting your new socks) and T says to me "give me your knitting bag" me - thinkin she need a needle or lotion or something so I hand it over. She then proceeds to take out my projects & start throwing out the bags they're in (I usually have about 3 projects in my knit bag & I tend to keep them in plastic bags so the yarns & needles don't tangle and make a mess) So she's chuckin the bags & I'm looking on in curiosity (cuz I KNOW there is a reason she's makin a mess of my stuff) and she starts putting my projects into these. (I apologize for the garbage picture)

She made me little project bags with magnetic closures! Like six of them...in different sizes...and they match the needle cases she made me a few weeks ago! I can't tell you how excited I was by these little bags - no more crinkles, and no more needles making holes in the side!! And don't my two shawls look so comfy pokin out of their new little homes?

My Friends Kick Ass!! (all of them - not just the ones who give me stuff) Thank you so much guys!

Oh and by the way... Tisha started a blog - go say hi! Ask her to make you stuff!

no J you kick ass, thats why we love u...T
Now, now, no a$$ kicking allowed in the blogosphere.

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