Thursday, March 30, 2006

I'm a Nut

I crack myself up sometimes.

I often go to a waterfront park near my job for my lunch hour - so today I go to the park and I’m listening to the radio & working on the Picovoli sweater (which has been terribly neglected and sending me threatening looks from the knitting bag) and since I’ve forgotten the next tape of the book I’m currently “reading” I’m looking over some other stuff (oh the horror – I can’t believe I got caught without a single book!)

A little aside here: I’ve finally appreciate the benefits of knitting in plain stockinette stitch. Up until today this sweater has bored me to no end – the yarn is just plain one colored cotton and the stitch is just plain stockinette, I have no kidding had to bribe myself to work on this sweater. That is until today, when I discovered I can READ & KNIT AT THE SAME TIME!!!! Like really read. I could read whole paragraphs with only minor glances at my knitting once in a while! I’m actually considering working on this sweater a bit more often now!

Back to my insanity – so I’m knitting and listening to the radio and I’m reading and I started cracking up – I was hysterical. Thank goodness the only witnesses to my mania were the geese. See I was making my sweater, such a sweet girly thing (it’s pink)… and listening to some Nine Inch Nails (heavy metal for those that don’t know) and reading my Rugby primer! How far could you possibly get from sweet grandmotherly type knitter! This stuck me as hilarious and had me cracking up for several minutes. Although I think it loses something in translation cuz I’m reading this post over and it’s not nearly the laugh riot I thought it was – guess you’d have to be in my head to see the true comedy of it…or maybe you’d have to know that Rugby can look like this. Ya I’m just a little nuts!

See, I knew you could it!
The translation is still pretty funny. Thankfully there's no one else in my office yet to see me laughing at/with you.
A woman after my own heart. Rough and tumble athlete, harsh music, and knitting. All except the pink sweater. Love it!
Oh my, I feel like the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz - I should have told you! It's called mindless knitting - and now you've let the cat out of the bag - everyone will know why we knit uncomplicated patterns! And since you've already unleashed the secret - you find you can knit and watch TV and read your email too!
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