Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Happy Spring!!

Not that you'd know it...cuz it's flippin cold outside! Sometimes Mom nature can be so cruel - a few weeks ago we got a little spring teaser it was like 65...I want that weather back! Anyway look what I've been up to.
HA - bet you thought I forgot about these... well I didn't. Just had to take a break from them because they are NOT mindless socks. But they are nice so it was worth it. I think I had some bad mojo going on when I was doing the second sock because it's not as snug fitting as the first one, it's a good thing I'm not Trek or I'd be ripping out the whole thing ;) In case you missed the deets last time around these are the Embossed Leave Socks from IK's fall issue in Cherry Tree Navy.

Check out what I scored!

Interchangable bamboo needles...with tips pointy enough for lace knitting! Yes I know I just got a set of interchangables for Christmas and I've only used them once...but these are bamboo!! Aren't they nice?! I like this whole knitting community thing - you mention you like someone's stuff and they find it for you for a good deal. I'm so lucky!

Did I tell you that I fixed instead of frogged this week?
ur so funny... i know where ur the sox!
What ARE you standing on?? Looks like a counter/breakfast table. Socks look great!
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