Thursday, March 09, 2006

Cave in!

Today was my knitting guild meeting (I'm suck a dork) anyway we had this stash swap/sell deal today and I scored this book for six bucks! I know aren't you jealous!! I missed out on the folk shawls book by a couple of minutes I'm rather upset about that but whadarya gonna do? (Although I did consider leaving money & running with the book - but alas my common sense won - damn) So at anyrate there's lots of cool info in here & a couple of sock patterns that I just love. Can't wait to try them out - I'll need to get more sock yarn though (oh the tragedy) cuz I'm thinkin solid colors & I don't have any on hand. Which means I'll probably do a knitpicks order because the LYS doesn't have much in solid sock yarn. Maybe I'll order so Wool for a sweater too (that line of thought could get dangerous.)

So I finally caved in an put a counter on the blog. I've got mixed emotions about the counter but I really wanted one so Trek hooked me up (as usual) **THANKS** so now I know...I know that 15 people in the last hour have looked at my blog (wow that's a lot) None of these 15 people have commented but doesn't bother me too much because I myself am a lurker. Besides the fact that I always want to respond to the comments but Blogger doesn't include e-mails addresses for you so sometimes it's frustrating. Anyway, I did have a point when I started this....what was it....oh right so now that I KNOW that people that I don't know read my blog - you must say hello. Just this once a quick shout-out to say hi, maybe a link to your blog so I can do the same ... you don't HAVE to but it would be really nice. I promise never to beg for comments again - this is the last time - unless of course I succumb to the urge to get a Frapper Map... oh and on my birthday (July 5) I might beg for some B'day love then... but that's it I promise, or maybe.... ;)

That counter thing is kewl i want 1...
Hiiiiiiii here's your comment!! :) Great score on that sock book...I am struggling with socks. I've lost my pattern somewhere (it was a photo copy of a pattern that someone else got in their sock class) and now I am kind of just winging toe decreases...I mean, I have Sally Melville's Knit Stitch book, and socks on 2 circulars, so you think I'd look at one of those for a reference, right? Nawwww...LOL
Hi! Are you happy now - quit your begging!

Actually that book look great. I've heard some really good things about it and 6 bucks is a steal. Good job.
can you see my email address in your email now?
I don't have a comment, but I wanted you to know that I'm spying on you. Aren't you just thrilled now?
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