Monday, March 06, 2006

Black Hole

I’ve entered into some kind of wicked nothingness where I knit & knit & knit and nothing happens. I’ve been working on Kiri for hours & hours I’ve got three pattern repeats to go, you’d think that would go fast, yea right. At this rate it may never get done because it’s getting annoying. I must remember this for future, casting on 300 stitches may be a pain but the hard part is done while you still love the shawl not when you’re bored with it.

The mystery shawl growing nicely but it looks like a tangle of yarn, I can’t figure out how to photograph it. The mystery behind how big it is and what it’s going to look like makes it very entertaining to work on. I’m way behind though – the group is doing clue 4 already, I’m only about halfway through clue one. This however turns out to be a very good thing because the fast knitters find the mistakes in the charts & get them fixed before I even get close to it. It’s too big for dpn’s now and it’s moved on to circs.

Which brings me to what I did this weekend. Tisha & I went to hunt up a new (to us) yarn shop. It’s about a half hour from my house & the Mapquest directions SUCKED so it took us almost an hour to get there. But it was worth it cuz guess what – they carry Crystal Palace bamboo needles. Do you know why that’s cool? Cuz CP needles have pointy ends – I’ve been using Clover bamboos so far on the MS3 & let me just say it is a pain in the ass to do a double decrease with the blunt ends. So I switched over and I’m in love! This is my first set of these needles – they are way nice, a little slicker than I’m used to bamboo’s being but so far it’s not really a problem.

Guess what else they had – a set of Brittney Birch cable needles…a whole set S,M,L - similar to the one I lost that I loved. My other yarn shop has had trouble re-stocking those needles so I was very excited to find something similar & in all the sizes instead of getting them individually. I need to find a cable project soon so I can try them out!

Hi there, Tisha's sis-in-law here. I had a blast w/you guys over the weekend. T showed me your blog and hers, so I showed her mine.

See ya round! & Happy knitting!

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