Thursday, February 09, 2006


To the nut house! Have I ever mentioned that I am a complete lunatic??

I just came back from JoAnne fabrics and found this.
Now I am funny about novelty yarn - I DO NOT like it if it feels weird, stratchy, platsticy (is that a word?) or in any way unpleasant. So this cuts out pretty much all fun fur and eyelash yarn and of course Red Heart Supersaver (which isn't novelty yarn I know but it's still nasty - falls into the plasticky category). Anyway this stuff is just as nice as the Firenze that I paid 4 times as much for for 1/4 of the yardage (which just kills me!) So I've decided my friend Cathi (who is hitting a milestone b-day) would love a scarf from this for her birthday. Which incidently is Monday.

Have I mentioned that I joined in the Olympics? I'm sure you've seen the buttons over there --> You'll here all about it when I'm franticly knitting my socks - cursing my SnB buddies for talking me into this insanity.

I've also joined this Mystery Shawl Along thing (button coming soon) which starts next Friday. Did I mention in addition to being nuts - I'm also a sucker for peer pressure. The Knitter talked me into this one. You can see a test swatch of what were doing on her blog - go look I'll wait....... cute huh? I just want to mention that I have made one lace item (which is not finished) and also that every test swatch for this thing looks different. The technical discussion on why they all look different made me cry. I think I'm in trouble in more ways than one!

In other knitting girl Tisha made me this.
How cool is that?! It's custom made for DPN's with the pockets wider than customary so I can keep them in their packages (yes I'm weird - I know this). She also made me another shorter one for my crochet hooks. *Teach sewers to knit they 'll make you cool stuff!

Oooh, you are so lucky! I love the dpn holder - and yes, I keep my dpns in their packages, too. But you knew that.
I keep my dpns in their package too and all bamboo fr that mattter I love your holder thing thats great. I love knit picks yarn. :)

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