Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sorry bout that...

Honest I had every intention of coming home last night, finishing the decreases and posting pictures. But in my rush I goofed and had to rip back a few rows. So I spent an hour tonight unknitting then another hour reknitting and ...tada!

Must give props to mom for taking like a million pictures of me (doesn't it figure that the only pic I like is fuzzy!!) I did take pictures of the gorgeous decrease swirl but none of them turned out very well so we'll just skip that part. Oh and also please note the insanely small amount of yarn left over - this made me very nervous as I began the decreases and caused the screw up. See - somewhere in my insane logic I figured if I knit faster I wouldn't run out of yarn (stupid - I see that now) so I rushed in a race against the dwindling yarn and didn't count and was so out of whack by the time I was 4 rows from done that I couldn't even fake it anymore.

Overall I LOVE this pattern - it's easy and quick (like 6 hours if you don't screw up) and the yarn is sooo yummy, and the beads really give it that something extra. It does kinda makes me look like a conehead but that's not the hat's fault. I actually might do this one again - which for me is very high praise indeed!!

Oh you weenie! You started without me! It looks really great, J. Fantastic job. And you didn't even mention that this was the first time you mixed beads and yarn...
Oh yes, and you should go here and enter your Odessa to win yummy yarn.
It's beautiful - just like you :-) I really like it too but I just don't look good in hats!
Nice hat, enjoy it. I've never done knitting with beads BUT I'm tempted.
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