Monday, February 13, 2006

A Personal Best

**Note - I actually wrote this post on Tuesday but Blogger was being evil & wouldn't let me add pictures & I didn't want to post without them.
Because of the many inches of snow we got this weekend I was able to kick butt on my Olympic project. This is a new record for me. One sock in one weekend - I'm very pleased. Originally I had wanted these socks to be for me, but after the first inch of leg was completed I decided that these weren't going to be my socks at all. They screamed out to belong to Tisha. So being that they're going to be Tisha's socks I had to make them into some sort of toe sock (I'm holding off the grafting until I make sure they're going to fit ok).
For some reason when I picked this pattern & this yarn I really thought that they would be striped. Despite having seen the yarn worked up in photos I still really thought it would stripe...dumb ass. Anyway the yarn is Knitpicks Dancing and obviously it does not stripe so the cool wavy thing that is in the pattern is totally wasted but they're still lovely and perfect for T! She's going to flip when she finds out I made her socks! I'll let you know how the fitting goes.

**Fitting went great she almost cried she was so excited! I'm just about ready to start the heel flap on the second sock so I'm making great time. I even managed to finish an old UFO stories & pictures coming as soon as I do the seaming.

Way to go, J! and it did look cool.
why did you put the poor sock out in the snow? Do you want to "misplace" these socks too?
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