Monday, February 06, 2006

Just wait!

Wait till you see what I did this'll be impressed and amazed. Well not really but a girl can pretend. I'll give you a little hint. Have you seen this pattern yet? Isn't it pretty? Don't ya just love the cute little beads... and that delicate swirl. And guess what ... my LYS - the one I complain about all the time... they had Rowan Cashsoft (wait till you see).... I can't show you now because #1 blogger refuses to communicate with my work PC & #2 I forgot the camera with the pics at home. But I couldn't wait till later to tell you about it. And the yarn is soooo yummy! This is my first expericance with Rowan yarn... let's just say I know now why people become addicted to the stuff. I'll edit this post later to add the photos.

That is a great pattern I wish I could learn to knit like that I am still doing simple things I haven't cabled anything yet.
great blog - I don't think your mom meant to run ov er your box.
Did you sign your mom up for the sock olympics and sock team usa? I think you would both enjoy knitting together. What a great bonding experience for the both of you. Besides you beating her in the Olympics would be a great way to get even -- although I don't think she meant to run over your box :`}
It's actually a very easy knit - I think a semi-beginner could do it.

I did sign mom up for the Olympics - she's going to be making a pair of socks for me.
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