Sunday, February 19, 2006

In the nick of time!

I finally finished the ski trip hat and as always I'm just in time - I'm leaving for Vermont on Friday afternoon. Nothing like not owning one warm hat to get you motivated. I must say that if I had seen this hat on a live person I probably wouldn't have made it.
It fits weird - the space between the ear flaps in the back is so little that unless you actually tie the ties (which have been added since this photo) your ears aren't really covered well. Of course when I started this hat a million months ago I really didn't have a clue what I was doing & just thought the cables looked really cool (which they still do despite turning the wrong direction in several different places - but that's just between us.) I like the hat but it isn't my favorite thing I've ever done.

The Olympic socks are coming along well - I've got the heel done on sock number two and the gusset stiches are all picked up. I'm in the home stretch! I'm not even sure when the Olympics are over (I suppose I could check the Harlot's counter thing) but I'm shooting to get these done before Friday. I'm probably going to wind up ripping out the toes on the first sock because I'm not really satisfied with them (without feet in them they kinda look like chicken toes). I've got some ideas to make them better so if the toes on sock #2 are better then #1's are getting ripped. I might actually write down what I do this time too so that I might actually be able to duplicate it! I have no clue what I did with the first foot which is ok since I don't like it anyway.

Those flaps are set a bit wonky, aren't they? When I designed the earflap hat for the Neatnik, I made the flaps directly across from one another. Seemed to work.
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