Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I give up!

I've been working on Kiri for ages it seems and have made no real progress. The reason being I've been using grandmother's needles.
These are monster 14" needles which I thought would be better to use when knitting lace (what do I know it's my first lace project) I however knit continental which involves needles flying all over the place, lots of wrist twisting and general chaos, so these 14" needles were a real drag - I could knit maybe two rows before my wrists were tired & I had to put it away.

So I got to thinking - does it really matter THAT much??? If this shawl takes 100 years to complete am I gonna really give a hoot that I made it on vintage needles?! If I loathe every stitch made with those long ass slippery as hell aluminum needles is this shawl ever going to get done?? Well of course it's not - so I gave it up and went and got some bamboo circs & let me just say that I will stab myself with a knitting needle before I EVER attempt to knit lace on metal needles again! What a freakin difference! I was able to do an entire pattern repeat (7 rows I think - that's just the right side so maybe more like 14) in one sitting!!! No fatigue no cursing & much love for the fuzzy goodness of this yarn. I'm much happier now!

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