Thursday, February 02, 2006

Good Times Continue...

I don't know how much more of this I can get away with before the powers that be catch up to me... but until they do I'm livin' it up!!! I came home from work today and this was in my driveway. A secret pal present =) yea!! That looks like a little worse for

My mother ran over the package with her car!! How the hell do you miss a big white box?!? Needless to say when I saw this there was definitely a fair amount of freaking out and several curses. I couldn't even open the package right away I was so scared there would be something in there that was irreplaceably damaged! (you might have read about a woman stabbed viciously with knitting needles in tomorrow's paper if there was)After a half hour & lots of prayers I finally screwed up the courage to open the box. This is what I found...

Lots & lots of healthy, squishy, non-tire marked yarn. = ) And buried in the bottom (I didn't even see it right away & totally started squealing when it was finally revealed.)
Ya know where I'm going after this weekend - to get me some circs! Did you see the kool-aid she sent to dye this amazingly soft and squishy Merino (can't wait to try that!). And candy - did I ever mention I love candy? As I type that bag of sweethearts has already seen some serious casualties. Thank you so much Palie!!

My secret pal rocks!!


Whew, J, lucky your pal was on the ball with the squishy stuff.
Nice haul!

Dyeing party at J's place!
Wow - I'm impressed. I may have to rethink this secret pal thing! Drat - I knew I forgot something while shopping tonight - I meant to start buying Kool Ade!
I am so glad that I did not put something in there that would have made both of us cry. The next package will have a breakable item in it!

I'll be sure to warn her about boxes in the driveway. The scariest thing though....she has no idea she ran over the box. How do you not know you ran over a box that big. I "feel" it when I run over the newspaper.
Ill be sure to let you know when they are sent so you can estimate the warning time.

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