Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Cheater, cheater!

Well you'll be happy to know that I made it back from my first ever skiing excursion with all my limbs in tact. Sore as all get out but unbroken. You all remember that hat I slaved over to get finished on time for my ski trip?? It got left at home by accident - doesn't it just figure?! I had a really great time but I learned something VERY important....people that ski are completely insane (my apologies if I've offended you) the mountains are ridiculously high - some of those slopes go straight down! Who the devil wants to do that for fun?! I was terrified of the dam bunny slope I couldn't imagine attempting a double black diamond! My girlfriend Marie & I decided to be brave and try a green slope higher up the mountain...took us two hours to get down - we were so scared we were tempted to ditch the skis and walk down! We dam near rolled down the mountain we got to laughing so much about our predicament. Can't say I'll be doing it again soon but I did have a really good time.

Anyway onto the knitting - see this little tangle of yarn here? That is the beginning of the MS3. Very possibly the most obnoxious thing I've ever attempted. And between you & me I didn't knit that. After several hours & many failed attempts I called in reinforcements. The Knitter came to my rescue & got me started. It made me feel immensely better to find out that it took her several hours to get her own shawl started so when she offered to get me going too I could've kissed her feet. Luckily that wasn't necessary & because of her (THANKS D!) I now have this! I think it's going to be pretty and who cares that I cheated & had someone else start it for me. I don't even know why I felt the need to confess except to express my extreme gratitude to D for hooking me up! I guess I just a little bit annoyed that 4 needles & 8 stitches so completely kick my ass. Oh well - better to suck it up & admit defeat then have no pretty lace shawl to play with.

You go girl! Do yourself a favor and start counting after each row that has yo in it :-) Take it from one who has frogged several times already.
Looking at your blog and seeing all your projects makes me jealous! I've been so busy this month that it's been close to impossible to knit much. So many different techiniques too! Congrats on the Olympics!
Looking good there, J. How much more since the posting? Are you bringing it Monday?

Glad you made it home with all your bones intact!
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