Saturday, January 21, 2006

Progress, presents, & pondering

Unbelivably the knitting is behaving (for the moment). I've got nothing finished so there's no new pictures to show you. The lace is a little bigger but it still looks the same. The sock has a heel but it's in being shy and hiding in the car and I'm to lazy to go get it for a photo-op. If you scroll down this page to the Embossed Leave socks - it looks just like that in navy blue without toes.

I've been working on the crazy cable hat a little. I'd like to have it done for my ski trip in February, it's slow going so I dunno. I did finally get to try the little cable needle - I like it. It's so far my favorite cable method. Although I do really like the cableing without a needle it's just not effecient for me, I screw it up every time! I wind up with cables going the wrong way all over the dam place. Since I don't usually rip unless it's a hideous/fit destroying error the no cable needle cable just doesn't work for me.

I went shopping today and got presents for my secret pal. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I think that's because my LYS is a little lacking. They got lots of yarn but...I don't want to just send yarn. I want to send little knitting gadgets & little knitting "things" but my LYS doesn't have that kind of stuff. And it's hard to find that kind of stuff elsewhere, and I don't really want to order her stuff off the internet, it feels like cheating. I did manage to get her some REALLY cute stuff. But...I can't tell you what it was cuz that might give me away.

My brother & his long time GF finally set a wedding date. They'll be married in July. Guess who gets to be a bridesmaid?! Oh Joy - Weight Watchers here I come! I've been debating on wether or not to make her some type of wedding shawl. I'd like to create the whole "heirloom" thing for my niece's sake but... # 1 I'm not a very accomplished lace knitter #2 I don't want to impose my "thing" on Laurie just because I would like it #3 I've only got a few months and I'd probably have to give up all other projects to finish in time. #4 I'd have to kill her if something happened to it and frankly I just don't trust her to care for something that special (my mom made her a stocking for her first Christmas with Zeke & her dog ate it - fortunately it was repairable but now the stocking lives at my house). Well - now that I've written it all down it's looking pretty bad for her getting a shawl. Oh well. I'll probably try one eventually but I'll keep it for me!

Congrats to the bro!
Don't make the shawl unless you are certain that it would be well-loved and appreciated. Way too much work if it is going to sit in someone's attic.
Yep, agree with Trek. Too much work to be resenting it the whole time. And if she doesn't ooo and aaah appropriately, you'll be quite peeved. Just buy her a blender, it's much easier.
LOL, G - see you tonight!!
hi, i'm a "lurker" also participating in the secret pal thing (don't worry, i was assigned to someone else--just felt like looking at the participants to read some knitting related goodness) Anyway, I know where I live we don't have many LYS so I have to order most of what I want to give my pal off the internet. I don't feel it's cheating at all. I mean, you are still taking the time to find the perfect thing you want to send your pal :)
Anyway, good luck and I hope you have fun with this round!
*goes back to lurking*
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