Thursday, January 12, 2006

New Socks!

D was right. I went with the annoying kinky yan and it really does work up beautifully!

The way the yarn is plied causes it to make a odd shaped knit stich which just looks so cool that I almost wish I had made these socks in a plain stockinette stitch so you could better appreciate it. Next time! **Note that the color representation of these socks is so far off that I didn't even attempt to photoshop it. They are actually a dark navy blue. - Go figure?!

On a different note...did I mention I got a set of Boye interchangable needles for Christmas? I used them for the first time last night to cast on my Picovoli (eventually I hope to be able to spell that without having to look it up) for the SKC knitalong. Let me just say that the experiance was ... unpleasant. After two hours, many curses and countless dropped stitches I gave up and ripped out the 5 rows I'd managed. What's up with these needles?? Trek has a set and she loves them, thinks they're the best! Maybe it was because I was using the short cord? I had to fight the stitches over the connections. I had issues with the connections staying screwed in tight and actually wound up with yarn trapped in there when I tried to re-screw it (the poor yarn.) I had issues with the cord being to short, which is odd because it's longer than a standard 16" circ. So far the only thing I liked about these was that the tips where very pointy. Maybe it's me, who knows. I'll give it another go with the longer cord later in the project but I don't really have high hopes.

Did you use the little key thingy and the jar opener thingy for tightening? P says that she tightens hers with every round or row.

Also, try dipping the cables in hot water to soften them up a bit.
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