Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Hi all - miss me? Hope everyone had a great holiday & I hope the New Year brings lots of good things.

I haven't been up to much on the knitting front. The evil blue stripe hat I made for my brother just had to stick it to me one more time and not fit. I was going to fix it for him however his girlfriend put it on and that ended that idea. It does looks really nice on her. I spent the entire week making him a new hat so he'd have a something new for his snowboarding trip to Colorado (he left this morning). I made him the same one I did for dad with the same yarn and everything. He likes it much better than the blue one. I learned two very important lessons #1 I should measure & #2 I hate doing the same pattern twice!

So after I got Zeke shipped off to Colorado with his new hat I had a very interesting thing happen. I only had one project on needles (my cable hat) and I swear if I make another hat right now I might scream! So I started this. My first real lace project with lace yarn. Wow! It's challenging but wow! I love it. I don't want to put it down, it pains me to sit here and blog about it when I could be knitting it. I'm not using the Kid Silk Haze because my LYS dosen't carry it but the stuff I'm using is (according to my yarn lady) the same thing just not Rowan. I don't care - it's so soft and fluffy and unbelivable nice and so NOT a hat. It's going to be beautiful and guess what...I'm keeping it! Not giving it to anyone - Ever! I'll post some pictures later when you can see more than a little fluffy white thing.

Hey, post something, will you?!

Bite Me! I'm getting to it!!
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