Monday, January 30, 2006

A Good Week

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I must say that I had a great week last week. It started with winning that gift card at Borders on Monday. Then I finished a sock on Wednesday. I Love the pattern – however it completely obliterated the idea of a simple project that you could do while doing other things. I couldn’t work on it without the chart; it’s just as complex as all my other knitting – defeating the whole purpose of simple portable sock knitting. Therefore I don’t think I’m going to cast on sock #2 just yet. I’ve got some Dancing from Knitpicks that has been calling my name for weeks…

But back to my great week – went to my AC Moore knitting party on Saturday, all yarn & accessories 25% off! And they had a few contests….guess who’s the fastest hooker… crotchet hook that is…yup yours truly! I won! = ) I even beat the little old Scottish woman who whipped my ass at the fastest knitter contest. When I say she whipped my ass – she thoroughly tromped everyone involved – she knit twice as fast as the rest of us sorry slops, 40 rows to our 18-21 in the same time period. Dam can that woman knit! I still say some of us should’ve gotten a handicap based on our knit experience (or lack thereof). I did kick her but at crochet so that made me feel much better. I won a $25 dollar gift card to AC Moore, way cool free yarn!!! A couple of my knitting peeps won the sock contest with their original designs. It was a really fun event you wouldn’t believe the number of new knitters we made.

Have I ever mentioned what special people knitters are? I went to this event with the plan of popping in for a minute. I had really no intention of entering contests, teaching newbies, or staying longer than a few minutes. Four newbie knitters, three hours, and two contests later I was just managing to get to the shopping part of my trip. There were so many people the poor employees were a bit overwhelmed. So the experienced knitters pitched-in to help teaching random people all afternoon. My buddy Trek was teaching this young girl to knit & when her mother came back to claim her some time later the woman was shocked that a) her daughter was knitting with some skill and b) Trek didn’t work in the store & was volunteering her time. I was really impressed with the number of people that were there. AC Moore did a really great event– Michael’s tried to do the same thing on Sunday, I stopped in with Tisha; I was not impressed. They had one table, demoing that circular loom knit thingy and that was it! They wouldn’t let you enter both speed contests either; Tisha won the crochet contest…by half a stitch! She got a really nice basket of goodies. I had splitting issues with my yarn & did miserably. But it’s fun to know that we’re both fast hookers!

Congrats on the fastest hooker thing, you go girl! You're just winning things left and right. See you later gater.

Send some of that contest mojo out to your knitting peeps (oh, yeah, I did pretty well, didn't I)?
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