Tuesday, January 10, 2006


The coolest thing happened to me the other day. I got mentioned in Blogger Delights! I didn't even know there was such a thing. He did a little review of my blog and said some really nice things about my knitting. How neat is that - someone actually read my blog besides Trek & my mom! Just kidding - I'm sure I've got lots of lurkers, it's cool I don't really comment on other peoples blogs either. I should get one of those counting thingies to expose you all. On second thought that's probably a bad idea. I'd probably get depressed by the number of non-commenters, not to mention the fact that I can't even get a button into my sidebar without help let alone a county thing.

My SnB really took off this week with 11 people in attendance. We're a baby group and that's a new record for us. Group knitting is so cool. There was this new chick there and she was just learning and the poor thing struggled all night, but the cool part was that she got four different teachers during the course of the evening. Sometimes someone could try to show you how to do something and they just don't speak your language so you struggle. Then somebody else could show you and all of a sudden it's easier. So with each new teacher she struggled a little less. I hope she doesn't get discouraged and comes back.

Not much new happening on the knitting front. I ripped out the goofy ribbing on the new sock and gave it normal 1x1 rib. I'm not really crazy about the yarn, it's plied funny and kinks itself up while I'm working with it. D says it makes really nice socks so I should suck it up. Gotta luv her. I haven't worked on the lace since the last time, but I did do a few rows of my twisty cable hat. With every row I regret not converting the pattern to be worked in the round. I'm not going to like it with a seam - oh well lesson learned I guess.

Bummer on ripping the sock. So, D wants you to suck it up, does she? Tell her you'll suck it up if she actually knits one Monday night! :o)

Go look at my finished Jaywalker. DH took the picture while my left foot modeled.
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