Friday, December 16, 2005

My Knittners

Look what my knitter did! This is my buddy Gretchen and her first scarf. She’s amazing, finished the whole thing in less than a month and was hounding me about what to make next almost immediately. I took this picture last week (I am such a slacker) and she is currently hard at work on her next scarf. The first one was a plain garter stitch so she could really get a handle on how to knit and now I’ve got her doing a rib pattern so she can master purling and learning the difference between to two.

This is the second person I’ve taught to knit and I can’t even begin to describe the warm fuzzies I get from watching them do their thing. Gretch came to my house the other day and proudly showed me that her knitting had moved into a canvas bag (from the plastic food store bag) and then she showed me *gasp* knitting “stuff” that she had bought, a yarn needle and new size US 10 needles and a new skein of yarn for her next scarf (which she got on sale for 2 bucks – couldn’t you just die!)

Tisha (my other knitter) called me just yesterday to tell me she bought sock yarn. This is of course after the argument at SnB that she could never knit anything on needles that small and with more than one needle “no way!” Apparently the Rag Shop had sock yarn really, really cheap (half off the half off) and she couldn’t resist. She’s coming over next week so I can show her how to make socks. I love it! These two make me feel so good that I want to teach the world to knit!

Told her she could knit on toothpicks! :Þ
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