Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I never thought I'd say this because it's something I love to do... but... knitting in public might not be such a good thing. There are all kinds of benefits to KIP I know however – when you knit in the presence of loved ones, who might not be used to the sight (remember I’ve only been an addict for the past 6 months or so) you get a lot of comments like “that’s so cool, do you think you could make me one.” How do you gracefully get out of this?

For example:
I was at a birthday gathering for my buddy Paula & I was sitting on the couch with my beer & mom’s birthday socks. (for background you should know that P is having a was having a lot of family issues at that moment –medical issues, disagreements, and deaths – needless to say she was having a really rough week). And she starts telling me how much she would love some socks & how they would make her feel loved when her family was doing a poor job of it…how can I resist that?! So I told her as long as she wasn’t expecting them for Christmas maybe I’d make her a pair. She was thrilled, and all I said was maybe – how can I say no now when she’s thrilled with the idea?

Scenario two goes like this – occasionally I will stay in the building on my lunch hour and knit in the lunchroom. So I’ve been doing this a lot lately to ensure I finished mom’s b-day socks. Sometimes my buddy Sheila will hang out with me while I do this. Well the other day she says to me, “ya know Jo if you made me a pair of … pedicure socks you wouldn’t have to get me a Christmas present.” So not only does she want me to make her socks, but she wants me to design her ones with no toes! And for background you should know that I’ve known S since I was 11 and she considers herself like a second mother to me. And she’s really, really, good with a guilt trip.

Do these people not know that I want to knit for me?? Don’t they realize what’s involved? And why do they keep asking for socks of all things, I love making socks but at the rate I’m going it will become a chore and then I won’t love it anymore. How does a knitter avoid all this “make me one” nonsense. Strangers, no problem I simple tell them I’ll teach them to knit, but loved ones…they’re sneaky. It’s all my Aunt Cheryl’s fault, “Jo, I’d love to get a poncho for my birthday” she started this mess, now I’m stuck in some kind of knitter hell where I feel obligated to make something for everybody I know! So that’s it no more KIP - if people don’t know I knit they won’t ask!

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