Thursday, December 08, 2005

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas!

Christmas has exploded all over my house. Mom put up her Dickens’s Village and I put up our tree. We even got some snow to make things extra festive.

I like Christmas, really I do, but there is so much work involved that it makes me a little sad. Can you truly enjoy Christmas with an endless stream of "Jo bring up this & that from the basement please." And believe me there is a LOT of this & that. Ya know those 50 gallon Rubbermaid totes? There are probably 30 of them full of stuff. Last year my dad & I got slick and cleaned out the loft in the garage for Christmas stuff. Wow what a time saver that was. This year we got all the stuff down in 15 minutes, that's a new record!

Yesterday we celebrated my mom's birthday. This is her blowing out her candles on her cake with her grandbaby Alexis. I thought the cake was going to be nothing but a pile of wax because Alexis was so busy checking out the cool candles instead of blowing them out. Eventually we got the candles out and enjoyed cake. Mom got the secret sock project and she loved them to death.

I forgot to take a picture of her in the socks but I did manage to take a few pictures of them before they got wrapped. (*and if blogger would cooperate I would post them, maybe later)

It’s a very simple rib pattern from Vintage Socks. I’m not crazy about the heel but it worked out really well for mom’s feet (they’re kinda skinny). This was her first pair of hand knitted socks and now she wants more and probably won’t be happy until that’s all she owns. Guess I better get to knitting!

Awesome on finishing the socks, J.

Now just teach L to knit socks and you are off the hook ;o).
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