Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I'm In!

I just got accepted to participate in Secret Pal Seven. It’s my first secret pal. I’m so excited. I’ve been sitting here trying to brainstorm all the cool things I can send to my SP. I’ve come up with almost nothing so far…but I’m sure I’ll get an idea soon. I don’t want to send yarn. I know, yarn is wonderful how could you not send yarn – but I’d be hesitant to send more than a skein or two and it’s so hard to decide what are you going to do with one skein of yarn, even if it is really nice. Unless of course my SP knits socks, then we’re golden because my LYS carries LOTS of great sock yarn. I’d really like to send things that are unique to my area, but really other than food and the beaches what is the Jersey Shore famous for? It all seems so ordinary to me, but I’ve lived here all my life so I suppose it is. Well I suppose ideas will come to me when I get my match-up. I can’t wait for January.

Carriage Yarn has Firenze for $6 a ball. Go, go, go!!!
Oh, yeah, I sent in my info, too.
I thought about doing this. I think it's so cool, but being on a student budget has limits. I also am no good a sending packages. Oh well, someday....
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