Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The home stretch...sort of

You had to know I was going to do it. I couldn't just finish what I've got and move on with my life, you knew I had to cast on one more Christmas project.

I've started a hat for my father. It seemed only fair since I've made something for everyone else, didn't want dear old dad to feel left out. I'm pretty proud of this hat actually (not that it looks like much at the moment) but I designed it myself (after much discussion at SnB last night - we decided I designed it) I had a pattern that gave me the idea, but decided it didn't look enough like the scarf my mom is making him to match. So I completely reworked the cable pattern and then OMG did math and figured out how many stiches I needed to do and...tada an original (sorta). What's that? You don't see any cables on this hat? Yea well that's because this hat has a 6 flippin' inch brim...in K1P1 rib...what the hell was I thinking?!?!

I finished the blanket this weekend, it turned out to be about 45" x 56" (homespun & this pattern stretch a lot so it's hard to measure.) The blanket is long enough to cover me from hips to toes, and the recipient is shorter than I am so it will be fine. So that's it I just have the hat for my dad & I'm done!! Yea I can do something that doesn't involve a deadline!!! Hmm what to do next... the possibilities are endless!!

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