Friday, December 02, 2005

Christmas Knitting Woes

I miss my cable hat. I haven't even had the opportunity to try out my new little DP cable needle. I don't dare, I might get addicted and not finish the dreaded Christmas knitting. Why do we knitters do this to ourselves? I've never really done it myself, this is my first time. It's not fun, I won't be doing it again. It's not that I don't love giving woolly gifts - I really do! I just don't like the all at once deadline. Last year I made my brother a hat & mittens. That was it. Nothing else. My first non-scarf project was a gift to my brother, aren't I nice. He wears that hat all the time and it makes me feel good whenever I see him in it. I might make him more hats (He's never without one in the winter so he can't have to many) but I'm not going to do all this other Christmas knitting. And I'm not even doing that much, what's a few hats, a couple of socks and a blanket?

That's the problem, the blanket, that's a big project when you've got 10 other things to get done too, even if it does go super fast. I still not sure about the plan for the blanket, it's still sitting in it's bag doing nothing which is sooo not going to get it finished. I'm thinking I really should rip out what I've got and start again, that way there really isn't a question about the length. My blanket is super - super long, who cares if this one isn't, it will still be long enough won't it? Why can't anything ever be easy??

We'll give you good support and enable your habit tonight :o)
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