Tuesday, November 08, 2005

She was open

The knitting Gods smiled on me today. Not only was the shop open and I got my cable needle but she had some of this fluffy stuff I've been looking for. I know all you yarn snobs are going ewwww that kinda looks like fun fur, and it is sorta. It's called Firenze its a wool, acrylic, nylon blend and it's so soft and silky and pettable that you can forgive it for being fun fur. My Aunt saw me knitting the other day and casually mentioned that she might like "one of those fluffy scarves" so that's what it is going to grow up to be. My very first knitting project was a scarf out of this stuff, and while it was obviously novice (I added stitches randomly all over the place, some day I'll show you) it looks great none the less. It's very forgiving yarn.

Here is the promised picture of the cabled headband. Isn't it nice? This was such and easy knit (after all my little "issues" got worked out.) This is one of those knits that I don't really want to give away. I suppose I'll have to make more.

Did you know how cool blocking is? Let me tell you...I changed the original pattern (I won't bore you with details I've already mentioned) and it caused the edges to be wavy. I wasn't really concerned about this because when you put the headband on it stretches out and looks fine. But after blocking it lays mostly flat - how cool it that?! (Can you tell I don't block much? Don't forget I'm a crochet convert that work in just acrylic that was self blocking)

See that mistake? I'm thinking that this should be a "trademark" with me. Never fails I've always got one cable going the wrong way! And I never notice it until it's too late, it would take more work to fix it than to re-do the whole stinking thing. No one will ever notice though...our secret ;)

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