Monday, November 28, 2005

The powers that be strike again!

I've begun the homespun blanket for my friend. I love this blanket, it's so nice and soft and cuddly and FAST! I made one for myself a few years ago. When I started this one I decided to make it a little bit wider than my blanket. I increased it by 3 stiches and it is now eating yarn at a very alarming rate. You may think (like I did) that three stiches isn't really that much and your right, if your using a normal needle. I'm using a Q - that's big, really big. Three stiches uses almost an extra foot of yarn. I don't know that I'm going to have enough yarn to make the blanket the length I want. (Why does this always happen to me?!)

So now what? I've gone through the first set of skeins (it uses two strands together) and only have 15 inches of blanket. With two more sets that will give me 45 inches. My blanket that I love to death is 84 x 45 inches. I've discovered this is a wonderful size because I can lay full out on the couch and cover toes to neck with room to spare without miles of extra width to get crunched underneath or hanging on the floor. So what to do? Start over and take out the three extra stitches or leave it be and go with what I've got or go buy more yarn?

I really, really, really don't want to start again... I love this blanket but the pattern is so mindless it gets a little boring. So what I'll do is.... um.... go till I run out of yarn and if its to short I'll go out and get more yarn. Good idea, sounds like a plan!

Ooooo! Homespun how I love thee so! I have made lots of scarves and shawls but never a blanket. I'm always on a tight budget. That would be quite a nice blanket though. :)
It feels nice, but...

Hi clevernamegoes here.
Homespun is only a pain if your trying to knit with it. Otherwise it's lovely!
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