Wednesday, November 16, 2005

New Knitters!!

Guess what I did! I made Knitters!! I taught my friends T & G how to knit. T has finished her first scarf (she did a basket-weave all by herself, I'm so proud) and G is halfway through hers.

I taught T a few weeks ago and she has been cursing my name since for getting her into this! I love it, she is apparently obsessed! I'm so excited to have a close friend as crazy about this as me! We were on the phone for ages discussing her design for a poncho to match her scarf. I'm thinking she's going to be one of those knitters that doesn't do patterns...good for her!

G seems like she's might get to the obsessive point too (she has a natural obsessive personality - was that wrong of me?) Monday night at SnB I showed her how to cast on and knit, and after an hour or so she already had a good 4 inches & cramping hands. She was holding everything in a death grip to keep the tension even, but she kept right on knitting cramps & all. I'll have to think of a good project to teach her to purl, I knit continental & purling can be a little difficult and I don't want her to loose interest. Any ideas?

I can't even tell you how absolutely tickled I am that me (an impatient teacher) managed to teach two people to knit. And the real hoot - they both think I'm a good teacher. Oh the poor deluded souls.

Don't forget to drag, I mean, bring them next week, too.
I love teaching knitting and crocheting. At least they seemed patient themselves. I've had several students that think they can just pick it up in no time. It usually takes a few hours of decent practice before they get more comfortable. Bring them over to the good side! Make more knitters!
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