Thursday, November 03, 2005


Look at what I got today! Sock books! I'm so excited, I'm going out this weekend to get more sock yarn. Not that I don't already have sock yarn (those two skeins in the picture are the sock yarn I scored at my Stitch & Bitch destash night) but I don't have any solid colored sock yarn. Except for that 50g skein that will only make one sock. Don't know about you but I don't know any one footed people so I need two socks. So it'll be off to the yarn store (such a hardship, I know you feel my pain).

I can't wait to cast on socks but first I'll probably finish this.

This is going to grow up and become this. For such a little thing it is giving me such a headache. I cast it on and worked the first four rows, ran into some issues in the first pattern row so I had to rip it back, while I was doing that I decided I hated the seed stitch so I ripped it out completely and cast it on again. I changed the seed to a K2 P1 rib and then ran into the issues again with the first pattern row, I did it twice before I occurred to me if you don't change anything your going to have the same problem. So I analyzed the pattern, discussed it with mom, decided the M1 did not mean knit into the front and back of the stitch as I had interpreted it (I did not pull this interpretation out of the air - it says so in my knitting books...Really) anyway I figured out (after much trial and error) that you've got to pick up the stitch in between the stitches to get the pattern to work right. So we're golden now (I hope) maybe I'll get this done tonight and then Socks!!

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