Friday, November 11, 2005

Christmas collecting

I've never really been the type to give woolley gifts for Christmas. New babies always get blanket or a sweater set but I never really did "Christmas Knitting." Well this year I am making up for that with a vengeance. I seem to be "collecting" the Christmas projects this year. It all started with a hat for my niece. She is my first niece & only a year old & I love making stuff for her. I made her this ridiculous/cute Jester hat ( I'll show you a picture as soon as it gets it's bells) but due to the lack of cute girly colors the hat is a blue on blue stripe (that will make sense when you see a photo.) Now me...I love blue but I'm an adult and little girls are supposed to wear "girly" colors (or so I was told) so to justify the hat being blue I decided to make mom & dad hat's to match in the same colors (originally they were all jester hats, but common sense prevailed). So evolved the evil hat & the cable headband.

So I should be done with the Christmas knitting, but noooo I decided to make my mom socks (which are coming along fabulously, can't wait to show you pictures.) Still shouldn't be a problem getting them done, I've got weeks left.

Oops - forgot about the blanket I promised a friend for a birthday/Christmas gift back in September. In September that was possible, except now it's 2 weeks into November & I just bought the wool for it last weekend and it's all still in the bag.

Oh and then yesterday I was at a party with some friends & I was knitting (mostly to keep out of the chip bowl) I was working on the socks and my friends says "I would really love a pair of homemade socks, do you think you could make me a pair?" I am a sucker, if you ask me to make you something, chances are I will (remember the fluffy scarf for Aunt T because she asked?) So that's a scarf, a blanket, a two pair of socks, and a secret project that can not be mentioned (for I do not know if intended recipient reads my blog) that all need to be done in the next six weeks. Not impossible, however at the rate I'm collecting these projects I'll never get done!

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