Sunday, October 16, 2005

Llama's, Alpaca's, & Bunnies Oh My!

I went to the Rhinebeck sheep and wool festival yesterday. All I can say is WOW. I'm still on fiber overload. It was an amazing day. The weather finally cleared (after 8 solid days of rain) and we had a beautiful drive up. We saw this on the way...isn't it lovely.

We got to the festival and... you just don't know where to look, don't know what to buy or how much. I spent the first hour or so just wandering around in awe, touching everything. I got to pet some really, really nice yarn. Got to pet some really adorable animals too. Deffinately wanted to take some home with me. Imagine having your fibers on demand (this is my fantasy, but alas I don't spin-oh well).

After walking around in a daze for a while I finally got down to buying some stuff. Now amazinginly enough I have never stashed...I just buy what I need for the project at hand. (I know you probably don't belive me but if you'd been to my local yarn shops you'd know that there really isn't a whole lot to go bonkers over. The one store in my area that does carry beautiful hand spun natural fibers is soooo overpriced that it pains me to walk in the door. But I digress) Since I don't really stash so I had no idea how much to buy. Since there is no project in mind I don't know yardage or anything. I almost paniced until I found this niffty little yardage calculator that gives you a number depending on size & gauge and article your planning to make. So with my niffty little gizmo at my side I bought this...
There's some really nice alpaca in there, some 50/50 alpaca wool blend (enough for a sweater I hope) some really pretty green wool, some needles, (imagine some really soft beautiful maroon colored lace weight that I forgot to put in the picture), some icelandic lace, some undyed wool that's like a cloud it's so soft, and sheep steering wheel covers. I get to pet sheep whenever I drive... could life get any better than that?

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