Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Liar, Liar...

Last night we had a our Stitch & Bitch destash night. I scored a bunch of DPNs a pattern book, some really nice sock yarn, and a harsh reality. As D and I were discussing possible patterns for my new socks I told her about some sock yarn that I scored at the LYS for a very reasonable price. Feeling all full of myself I went on & on about the beautiful green socks I was going to make for my mom for Christmas. She was a little shocked that I paid so little for my yarn, what brand was it? Well I get home last night to see what the brand is (it's Socka if you care) but I came to a horrible realization. They (I bought two) are 50g balls!!! I distinctly remember the yarn lady telling me they would make a pair of socks, that's two socks! How the devil am I supposed to make two socks from 50g???

In my own defense I bought these skeins before I had completed my first pair of socks. In my ignorance I believed the yarn lady when she said I could make a pair. I don't think I can make a pair. She lied. Well maybe she didn't intentionally send me down the road of failure...Maybe she didn't know. She is the new owner. She did only have 7 skeins of sock yarn in the entire shop. She did flippin lie to me and tell me that 50g would be enough for two socks!!! Dam, my knitting ignorance strikes again!

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