Friday, October 14, 2005

I have finally succumbed. I'm creating a blog. I've only been reading blogs for about a month, and the more I read them the more I'd like to have my own. So here I am, writing a blog. I don't suppose anyone will ever read it, so I may only do this for a few weeks until I get board with it. Then again... this may be my new calling. A quasi-author writing about nonsense on the web that no one will ever read.

So anyway after much though and deliberation (it took me weeks just to think of a name) I've decided that my blog is going to feature my latest obsession - knitting. I'm sure I'll venture off onto other topics from time to time, probably a lot because I don't knit very fast, but mostly I'd like to share my triumphs and failures in knitting. At this point I could show you pictures of my works in progress, but I don't have any. Pictures that is. I've got lots of WIP. For the first time ever I've got more that one project going. I've got lots of projects going, 2 hats, socks, a blanket (in crochet) and a shawl. I usually only do one thing at a time, but for some odd reason I felt the need to do five things at once. I think that is Stephanie's fault.

Like I said before I've only been reading blogs for a little bit. One of the blogs I read is The Yarn Harlot (that will be a link as soon as I figure out how to do one) anyway the Harlot does no less than 100 things at the same time and the world does not end. So I thought, hey why can't I do that too? You see, I am a sorta newbie knitter. I've been at it about a year. Until recently I've done mostly easy projects, nothing really exciting or challenging. I had no desire to try anything hard or complicated (a point of much argument between my mother & I) until I started reading other blogs. These people have been knitting for years, and they still goof up. I know that doesn't sound like a good thing but my point is I had thought I had to reach some sort of mastery before I tried anything hard. Reading about seasoned knitters screwing up made me realize that I don't have to bore myself right out of a hobby. I can try anything - and if I mess it up... well that's what frogging is for right?

So since this revelation I've cast on projects that are more interesting and fun to do. I finally get why people become obsessed with their knitting, and why they want to talk about it all the time. I've been driving my non-knitting friends nuts with my knitting. And I've started stashing I've never done that - before I just bought what I needed for a project. And I've crossed the final line and created a blog so I can go on & on & on with no one to tell me to hush. I think this is a great beginning. I'll post some pictures soon (when I figure out how).

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