Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Early baby?!

So a few months ago my father asks me if I could whip up something for his co-worker who is having his first (weren't supposed to be able to have one) baby. This is a first, he has never asked me to make anything for anyone. So I say sure and ask when the baby was due. December he says, great I got lots of time.

So I'm crocheting a blanket for the baby and I'm feeling good because I'm using up some leftover stuff & I'm way ahead of schedule, (would it be too much to ask for that to work.) I ran out of one of the colors. No biggie right? Just run to the AC Moore and pick up another skein, it's TLC Essentials, it's not like I'm working with some exotic alpaca blend only available under a full moon when Jupiter is in the seventh house. I should be able to get more with no problems. Right? WRONG!! Yea, the AC Moore stopped carrying Essentials - so did every craft place within a 20 mile radius of my house. And I don't have the label so I'm unsure what color it is and don't want to order it off the internet because the color doesn't look the same. (I hate returning stuff from the internet)

So I abandoned blanket A (I've still got four months) and begin blanket B (also using leftovers, but this time I cannibalized a blanket I had started eons ago & wasn't really happy with - so no danger of running out) So I'm moving along on my little blanket, working on it when I'm watching t.v. and need to pay attention (I don't have to watch my hands to crochet) and I've got about 12" left and a border. Still way ahead of schedule right? Wrong...Dad tells me yesterday they had a baby girl last week. What?!! She was early?? Is she alright?? Baby & Mom are great, baby is right on time, and I'm an idiot. Apparently he told me October not December (dumb ass). Luckily co-worker lives in Florida, Dad will be seeing him next week in Vegas so I've got 6 days to finish 12" of blanket. No big, provided the powers that be don't throw me anymore curve balls.

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